Command your own army in this free game of strategic battles!  Build up your base, choose your targets and take on thousands of other players from around the world!  Do you have the tactical skill to over-come your opponent's strategic base designs?  Will you be able to design your base to defend from others?

Once you've mastered your army, and built a base your enemies fear to attack, take it to the next level by allying with other players and forming a tribe.  With the right tribe backing you, no base will be able to stop your incoming attacks, and any other player who dares attack you will be crushed!

* Completely FREE TO PLAY!
* Turn an open piece of land in to a deadly base.
* Destroy the bases of other players from around to world.
* NO WAITING FOR TRAINING! Your troops are always ready to attack!
* Intense in-battle power ups, unique to Critter Conquest to sway the battles.
* Over 100 single player maps, each with unique game changing challenges.
* 6 Different tower types, 8 different unit types.
* Choose your own tower types, don't be limited to the same set up as everyone else.
* Team up with others in Tribes.

In Critter Conquest, you start with an open piece of land, filled with resources.  Harvest and defend those resources to turn that land in to a powerful base.  Grow your base even faster by taking on players from around the world and stealing their resources in strategic battles.  As your base grows, you can upgrade your troops and increase your army size and taking stronger opponents, all while adding defensive towers to your own base to ward off enemies.  Battles require skill and tactics to deploy the right troops in the right location to conquer your enemies strategically planned bases.

See you on the battlefield, and Good Luck!

Critter Conquest requires an Internet connection to play.