Let your inner capitalist out in this funny adventure of getting rich running a game studio.

Enter the prestigious adventure of owning your own video game developer studio.  The last remaining industry where making money is as simple as launching a game and collecting your payments, capitalism at it’s finest!  Live the dream of the world's richest billionaire tycoons.

Once you've begun your adventure, launched some games and earned your first billions or trillions of dollars, get ready to even more rich by an IPO of your studio.  Then you can truly undertake the role of a capitalist by putting your feet up and live off the stocks and dividends of your "hard" work.  But why stop at being just a lowly billionaire or trillionaire?  Keep pushing forward until you've become a quadrillionaire... maybe even touch the holy grail of capitalism by becoming an even richer quintillionaire.

Game Studio Trillionaire is an adventure game packed with newest clicker mechanics, including the ability to launch your own clicker game within a clicker game. Don’t worry your games will continue to make money while you are idle as well.

- A Variety of game genres to create
- Multiple companies to build your games.
- Comical overtones for game upgrades.
- Become the world's leading video game tycoon.
- Gather an huge amount of riches in a capitalist style game.
- Start of broke, become a millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire and beyond!

The sooner you start launching your games, the sooner you too will become a tycoon and can enjoy the rich and lavish life-style of a trillionaire.  Download and play for free today and let that capitalist inside of you out!

- Continue to gather money when offline (save up billions).
- Use the billions saved when you come back to upgrade your games.
- Different genres have different upgrades.