Experience evolution like never before with the game Sticker Clicker Evolution, evolve your way from lowly creatures to sharks and beyond. Collect a sticker for each new creature you unlock. Collect them all to unlock the final sticker. Discover what the final mystery evolution is by playing today.

A new series of games about evolution, start out in a petri dish and tap, click and evolve your way to the top and beyond.


Tap on gifts to get creatures and combine them to evolve them to their next form. Start out with lowly creatures and work your way up through the evolution chain. Tap and click on creatures to earn more money to evolve more creatures and purchase upgrades.


  • 5 Unique Zones.
  • Collect Stickers across multiple games using the Sticker Clicker sticker book.
  • 17 Unique creatures to discover.
  • Upgrades, lots of upgrades.
  • Lots of achievements to earn.
  • Kawaii Japanese Style Art

Unlock and discover all that creatures now. Download and Play Today!

Game Downloads:

The Original Sticker Clicker Evolution