BINGO! - World Tour FAQ

What is BINGO! World Tour?

BINGO! World Tour is an exciting new bingo game where you travel around the world playing Bingo, visit many countries around the world and collect postcards and collection items.

What are Postcards in BINGO! World Tour?

Postcards are a collectible item earned by getting Bingo's in each country, each postcard is of a different location in that country. Can you collect them all?

What are Tickets used for in BINGO! World Tour?

Tickets in BINGO! World Tour are used to play BINGO games, you win tickets by playing games and opening chests, each zone costs a different amount of tickets to player and the rewards increase with the cost of each card.

What are Coins used for in BINGO! World Tour?

Coins in BINGO! World Tour are used to purchase additional keys and power ups and you can earn them by playing game and from opening chests.

What are Power ups in BINGO! World Tour?

Power ups in BINGO! World Tour are an exciting way to enhance your playing experience. They include Instantly calling Bingo on a card when you daub a  square, Free daub and double free daub on each played card. You can also get chests and coins squares. Each power will cost energy to use and you can get more energy by opening chests or from the shop.

What are Chests used for in BINGO! World Tour?

Chests in BINGO! World Tour are collected from daubing squares, after the game is over you may open your chests using keys. Chests can contain a number of prizes including collection items.

What are Collection Items in BINGO! World Tour?

Each country in BINGO! World Tour has it's own set of unique collectibles that which you collect by collecting and opening chests. Once you have completed a collection you may turn it on for a prize.

What are Ultra Cards in BINGO! World Tour?

Ultra cards games are supercharged with significantly more rewards which can be earned through playing.