Redshift: Feature Friday #1

We are excited to announce a new blog that will focus on upcoming features currently in development for Redshift.

Disclaimer: Everything below is pre-release and is subject to change at any time.

Today we are going to take a look at the new system for managing your fleets. We have removed the old menu system and moved fleets into the world. We feel that this change will make managing your fleets significantly easier, by allow you to see your entire fleet displayed in front of you, and by allowing interaction with each ship, rather than navigating through a series of menus.

Above you can see the Fleet Manager as it will appear after you complete Sector 1. The player will be able to select each Host ship location and a menu will slide out, which can be seen here.

You will be able to view and interact with all of your ships, which is big change from having to navigate through menus to manage your fleet.
To access the crew manager, you can click on the large building in the middle as seen below.

The crew manager window is also where you can rename your fleet, and view your current Fleet Power.
Going to wrap this up now, if you have any comments, I will try and reply to whatever I can. Before I go I will leave you with this image.