Redshift: Feature Friday #3

Hello Everyone,

Today I am happy to share some sneak peaks of what is coming up with the next patch, which should be out later next week.

Aside from a number of bug fixes and smaller changes we have some really cool features coming with the patch, the full patch notes will be available next week, but in the meantime here is some of the major feature changes planned.

Let’s start off with something that has been requested by many players, an option to allow or disallow Rift Invites, which can be found in the settings menu.

Next up we have streamlined the way you upgrade interceptors, schematics, captain active abilities and weaponry, we have removed the Yes and Repeat option, and now allow all of these to be leveled in large increments.

As you can see, there is now a plus and minus button for how many levels you will want to add to whatever you are upgrading, for an added touch, if you hold down the button it will increment for you. In the second picture if you do not have enough resources it will display the cost in red, you will be able to still upgrade paying the difference with credits.

 Another great feature we are adding for this patch is the ability to send an email to support right from the game.

You will be able to provide a title, details and whether or not you are reporting a bug or making a suggestion.

This feature I am really excited about, we are overhauling the daily rewards system in the game.
This daily rewards window is still WIP and is subject to change before release. All values are not necessarily the final values.

As you can see above this is a major change to the way we handle daily rewards. We are moving towards a currency based system. This currency can be spent by players on the various items in the bottom half the window.

Currently (although subject to change), you can get 1 platinum token for 100 Daily Essence, 50 Credits for 200 Daily Essence, A random Epic item for 1000, random Legendary item for 5000 and a random Immortal item for 8000. Each random item has a chance to drop an interceptor, ship, crew badge or a schematic.
The amount of currency you earn each day will increase up to a maximum amount, if you miss a day, your reward will start back at what you earned the first day.
That is all I have for today folks, check back next week for a detailed list of changes.