Redshift: Feature Friday #4

Hey Everyone,
Today I am going to be talking about a major we have coming up in the next patch, which will be ready "soon(tm)".

Stunning Lightning - This ability will bounce through the nearest enemies and dealing damage and stunning them. This is a Capital Ship defensive ability that auto casts.

Wandering Lightning - This ability will bounce through the nearest enemies, making them wander and dealing damage. It is a Capital Ship active ability.


This change coming in this patch is that we have revisited every single ability in the game, balancing, tweaking and in a few cases leaving abilities as they were before. We have also added over 30 new abilities to fill out sections of the game we felt where lacking. Below I have attached a video two of the new abilities, both which are a new ability type that will bounce between enemy or friendly ships.

These two abilities are just a few of the ones we have added or modified, I am currently working on more complete list of ability changes. Until that is ready here is a couple of other ability changes.

  • Titan Active - Interceptor Second Wave - This ability now creates 18 interceptors, with plating that scales based on the level of the ability.
  • Leech - Leech now properly drains plating from itself at a rate of 10% per tick and restores plating all ships, excluding itself for a scaling value based on level.
  • Auto Heal - First this ability has a new name "Auto Repair Drones", it will also not restore plating to the capital ship, but restore plating to the rest of the fleet.
  • Additional Schematics - We have added additional schematics to round out your choices for equipping to a capital ship.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Escort bonuses now work in the Rift, and you will need them.
  • Capital ships will not show up as a auto burn target when you have a target selected.
  • Level 200 capital ships will not show up as a auto burn target.
  • Cloned weapons now properly apply the reduced damage modifier.

Author's Note:
All values are subject to change before or after release of the patch.