Redshift: Feature Friday #6 - Additional Capital Ships

Hey everyone, Baraphor here.

Today I am going to be talking about how a player can earn additional capital ships in the upcoming patch.

Collecting Ore Sources

It all starts off with the daily mission to start decoding a schematic, we have changed this mission reward to provide a new type of currency, which has for now an alias of 'Capital Ship Ore Source'. These sources can be of any rarity, with higher rarities being better than lower ones.


We have also added a new button to the alliance view which will open a window where players can work together to earn additional capital ships. The window which contains a collection of all the alliances active ore sources, players will also be able to activate an ore source of their own. However a player can only have one active ore source at a time, although they can choose to replace their active ore source. When a player activates an ore source, they will be given a chance to reroll it attempt to improve what it will drop when harvested. Each ore source has a limited duration, ranging from a few hours to 2 days before it will expire, and be consumed, players can extend this duration by spending credits.


These ore sources can be harvested by players, each harvest will collect the capital ship ore from every activated source, players will get some ore and on higher tier sources there is a chance to earn alliance points and valor and more. A player is limited to the number of harvests that they can perform, 1 harvest chance will be generated every hour and up to 4 can be stored in reserve at any time. In addition to harvesting players in an alliance can boost each source up to 5 times, each and every boost increases the harvest amount by 20%, for a total of 100% bonus earned per harvest. Each boost costs 1 inactive ore source, of the lowest tier a player currently owns.


As the player collects the capital ship ore, there is a bar that will fill up showing a player's total progress towards unlocking the next capital ship, once this bar is completed filled up the player will be able to start construction on a new capital ship, which will take approximately 3 days to complete. Don't worry you can start collecting for your next capital ship while one is building. Players will be able to earn 9 additional capital ships through this system, for a grand total of 10 including the one that players are rewarded with when they join an alliance. Once the player has the capital ship, they will be able to equip it to a fleet, however only one capital ship can be equipped to a single fleet at any one time.
That wraps up this feature Friday. This one is light on exact numbers as we are still balancing the system to find values that work before releasing.