Redshift: Feature Friday #9

Hey Everyone,
It has been quite some time since my last feature friday, however we have been busy at work on some exciting changes to the combat system.
Let's start this off with a video showcasing some of the new features, then I will discuss them in detail.


As you have seen we have completely overhauled how combat works in Redshift. Before I go into details I want to talk about the overall theme behind this update.

We have been playing the game quite a bit, as we always do, and while we have made many changes to the game outside of battles, they did not get enough attention and for the most
part have been the same since release. We decided it was time to address this problem by making the battles more interactive and tactically based. Currently we are working on all of these changes in Sector battles, however we have plans to bring these features to all battle modes where required.

Ship Movement:
As you saw in the video you can select ships in the battle and give them move orders, while moving they will fire at nearby enemies as well. Movement
will play a key role in the battles and can mean the difference between winning and losing the battle. When you are not control a ship they will go back to moving and finding targets on their own.

Deployment Zones
We have added deployment zones to the battlefield, these zones work off deploy points which we have brought over from the Rift to Sectors, with a few notable changes including points are generated overtime. Deployment zones can either have a fixed number of deployment points available or have unlimited points. With this change ships also have deployment points which match what they have in the Rift.

Enemies will now spawn from portals placed around the map. These portals can be on the battlefield at the start or appear during the battle to surprise you as well. Portals come in two types, destructible and indestructible. If you destroy a portal that had not warped in all its vessels, those enemies will be removed from the battle giving you an advantage.

As you saw in the video, ship abilities now have a range which dictates want could be affected by your ability. However abilities still have other targeting parameters as well that you need to be aware of when planning to use them. When you tap and hold an ability it will show its area of effect in the battle, it will only fire when you release the button. Movement will play a key role in deciding the best place to use your ability for maximum effect. Abilities also have cooldowns which means you need to pick the right time to use your ability.

Every Sector now can have bosses which are stronger than normal enemies, providing an additional challenge to overcome.

Experience Drops & Ships Leveling Up:
Experience orbs will drop from killing enemy ships in the battle and can be collected to level up your nearest ships right in the battle. Each ship you kill will contribute to an experience pool which will drop periodically for you to collect. 

Loot & Resource Drops:
Items and Resources will drop from destroyed enemy ships as well now, and can be collected to bolster your fleet between battles. You will see what resources you earned, however you will only be able to see the rarity of the item until after the battle is over.

Battle Objectives:
Battles now have clear objective(s) for you to complete, currently we have three types planned. Defend a building, Destroy a building and Activate a building.
There can be more than one objective in a battle at any time and they can be of different types which will create a more dynamic experience.

A New UI:
To bring everything together, we have created a much cleaner UI for the game.
Pre-Battle Phase
At the beginning of each battle the camera will pan between key points of interest, after which you will be able to examine the battlefield before deploy your fleet, the battle will not start until you deploy your first ship.
This wraps up this feature friday, I look forward to seeing your discussion and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We will have more details in the coming weeks and we revise and refine these features.