Redshift: Feature Friday #11 - Alliance Window

Welcome to another Feature Friday. Today we will be taking a look at the new Alliance window.

The alliance window has been broken up into three tabs now, the first tab is the general alliance information. Contains on this page is a number of useful pieces of information including the number of buildings of each type the alliance has constructed.

The Alliance leader can change the join code which has been a much requested feature, and set the privacy and minimum FP requirements. Officers can view this page as well, but otherwise the join code will be hidden from players who have a rank of member.

The List of members has been moved to a new tab with some improvements. As you can see in the picture there is now an officer rank who can kick people from the alliance and view the join code.

You now select a user to bring up a list of options based on each rank, as Leader I can Kick, Promote to Officer, Transfer Leadership to an Officer, Add a Friend and View the player's personal details. Officers can Kick, but not Promote. Members can only Add Friend and View Profiles.

The personal tab can be used to view your personal statistics for the alliance, including the total number of resources you have spent. You can also write a short bio about yourself. 

Any Alliance Member can also view any other members information. You can also Visit their Base and Fleets.


This Wraps up a look at the new Alliance Window, we hoped your enjoyed it and we look forward to releasing this next patch in the coming weeks.