Feature Friday #12 - Prestige Tokens

Hey everyone,

Today I have a really exciting feature to talk about, Prestige Tokens. These tokens will allow you to take two max level immortal ships and combine them into a more powerful version of that ship.

Let's take an example, you have 2 level 100 Titan's sitting in a fleet doing nothing but taking up space. Now you can take those two Titans and combine them in the Alliance Shipyard using one Prestige Token

What does upgrading this ship actually mean in battle you ask? Well that ship will receive a 25% increase to all core stats including fleet power, damage, plating, speed, attack range, attack frequency, critical hit chance and damage. However besides the Prestige Token, the new ship will be level 1 again and have to be leveled up again.

And wait there is more, you can take two prestige level one ships and combine them into a prestige level two ship and on forever, there  is not max prestige level.

We will be releasing more information about this system over the coming weeks before it's release as well as some other features.

As a treat here is a WIP screenshot of the new UI for the Shipyard.




*Developer Note: This feature is still in development and values are subject to change before release.