Feature Friday #13 - Titles and Skins and Rifts! Oh My!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the next addition of Feature Friday, today we are going to be talking about several other new features that are coming in the next patch, mainly titles skins and changes to the rift.


You can now earn titles in the game, right now through achievements (did I mention we now have 45 achievements in the game, more on that later). These titles range from beating the Rift, to VIP levels, to Beating Sectors and such. We will also be adding more titles in the future. You can only have one active title at a time and they can set where you change your name.

Some of the titles you can earn

  • Giver of Gifts - Gift 1000 gifts to other players.
  • Notable - Reach VIP Level 6.
  • Educated - Read the Wiki.
  • Prestigious - Have a Level 5 Prestige Ship.
  • Redshift Master - Log into the game for 365 days straight.
  • Merciless - Kill 1 million enemies.

We are going to do our best to grant you titles you already may have earned previously, however some titles we cannot grant because we were not storing that information previously.


As I mentioned above, we have added achievements to the game, there are currently 45 you can earn in game, some of which award titles. We will be releasing a full list of achievements at a later date, However you can check out the titles for a glimpse of what some of the achievements are going to be.


I alluded to a skinning system last week for ships, You now enter a new screen that allows you to live preview the skin on a ship and select from every skin you have.

Skins are consumable, which means you need one of a skin for each you have, however a skin can be taken off a ship at any time, and if you burn a skin the skin will also be refunded.

Currently we have plans for 5 skins, silver, bronze, camouflage, rainbow and polka dot. However we have more skins planned for the future, including unique rewards that can only be earned in the game through completing very difficult tasks. We also can release skins at any time as they are not tied to a patch release, we welcome suggestions for skins as well.


This is a rather large change to the way Rifts currently work in addition to opening up Rift Tier 5. All Rifts are now 10 waves, there are a couple of reasons for this, it can take a long time to complete Rifts currently in many cases and that is not good, we do not want people spending 20, 30, 40 minutes or more to complete a Rift. This means rewards have been adjusted for these Rifts, however the rewards are the same as you would earn in the old longer Rifts for the time invested.

Second and more importantly, the way rifts are currently designed each Rift is longer than the last and even if we capped the waves at 50 it takes a very long time to design and balance on of these Rifts. By fixing all Rifts at 10 waves we can quickly release new Rifts to provide more of a challenge to later game players.

That is all for now, there are no pictures as we are still developing some of the features and how they will look. As a side treat we plan to have this patch out next week barring any major issues and the week after that at most. Then we will start on the next major feature which I am really excited about, but you will have to wait until next week to find out more.