Bingo Story 1.8.5 Patch Notes

Did you miss our blog posts? Well, for better or for worse, they’re back!

That’s right Bingo Buddies, Ryan here, and we’re back on the blog just in time for another patch! We’ve got a ton of new and exciting features to talk about, including some that have a major impact on the game, but before we do we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, the players, for your passionate support. We’ve received many of your suggestions, and many were great ideas we can integrate in future, so from everyone here at Clipwire Games, thank you!

Now, away with the sappy stuff and in with the new features! We’re excited to announce that we now have a brand new way to get rewards and it’s absolutely FREE! Yes, we are serious, and no, you are not dreaming. As of today, we’ve implemented a new way for mobile users to get rewards called rewarded video! This is a completely optional feature that provides mobile users the opportunity to gain rewards for a few seconds of their time. Here are a list of some of those rewards:

1) Double your Tournament Points by watching an ad

2) Get some free power ups by watching an ad

3) Get a free power up package by watching an ad in our store once every 24 hours

4) Gain free club balls when you’re out of stock once every 2 hours by watching an ad

5) All cards can become puzzle cards by watching an ad

6) Free daub highlighter once every 24 hours for watching an ad

Well… that’s about it!

I’m kidding, of course, we do have a bunch of other fixes in this neat and tidy list below. Until next time, this is Ryan, signing off!

- Ryan Golfetto


Bingo Story 1.8.5 Patch Notes


  • Rewarded Video - users now have an optional, free way of gaining power ups, doubling tournament points, and club balls


  • Various graphics fixes.

  • We’ve squashed that bug causing the inbox clearing (thank goodness!)


  • General stability and performance improvements

  • Improved load times on Facebook

  • Chat update - improved chatting system to prevent clearing of messages

  • More stable emoji feature