Bingo Story 1.9 Patch Notes

We’ve listened to your feedback, Bingo Buddies, and after many hours of hard work, we’ve developed our finest patch yet! There are TONS of new features and bug fixes to outline but most importantly, and my personal favourite feature, is the LIVE EVENT SYSTEM coming to Bingo Story! We’ve created a brand-new event system that will introduce community goals, single player collection items, and other bonuses throughout the game. We’ve truly added something for everyone this patch and we believe it’s our strongest one yet.

In addition to the new events system, we’ve completely updated the user interface of the game to make it easier for you to navigate! We’ve upgraded features like the bingo cards and the daubs to be more clear, concise, and visually pleasant. We didn’t just stop there though, we’ve made the daily spin wheel completely optional and more easily accessible, added a brand-new premium spin wheel for even better prizes, and we’ve vastly improved the player profile to deliver the stats you want to see. We’ve also merged the friends and blocking system to make it easier to find and more efficient for player use AND created a search feature for players to find their friends easier.

The last portion of the patch is a little bittersweet. We are saying farewell to our ticketing system for bingo cards… on the bright side that means unlimited bingo cards for everyone! We’ve added a spot to trade in any gold tickets that you have for pink tickets - this can be found in the club shop. In it’s place we’ve also delivered a brand-new bingo system that allows for daubing after a bingo has been called on a card. We’ve heard for a while now that users would like to be able to daub after a bingo and we’ve listened and made that a reality!

For a list of full patch notes, you can see below all the improvements we’ve made this patch, and as always, thank you for your continued support, Bingo Buddies!

This is Ryan, your favourite Community Manager, signing off!

-Ryan Golfetto



  • New live event system that includes community goals, single player collections, and more!

  • Made the daily spin optional and added a premium spin wheel option

  • Removed tickets from the game – no more tickets, unlimited plays!

  • New player profile screen that integrates friends and blocked menus

  • Bingos now have an even more exciting animation

  • Players can now daub on numbers after a bingo has been called

  • Daub icon has been visually improved

  • Players are now able to search for friends!

  • Special Sale icon has been moved for ease of access!

  • Players can now upload their own profile pictures to their player profile!


  • Various graphics fixes

  • General Bug Fixes