The Dragon of Krakow

Every once and a while, a curve ball is thrown at you, whether it be in life or in bingo. As you may have noticed over the last month, we’ve thrown you a curve ball of our own and stepped up our puzzle game by going into uncharted territory: tales from Poland. The story of the Dragon of Krakow is as fascinating as it is beautiful and there are many renditions available online for you to check out, but for now, enjoy the paraphrased version below.

The Dragon of Krakow revolves around a king with a big dragon problem he needs solved. After careful deliberation, King Krak issues a challenge to everyone across the kingdom: defeat the Wawel Dragon. Whoever accomplishes this feat earns the right to marry his daughter, Princess Wanda, and earns eternal glory in the form of the king’s scepter and royal crown. Wave after wave of valiant knights came forth, but none could defeat the dragon, until a shoemaker outsmarted everyone and took the well-deserved spoils.

He’s simply a shoemaker! If knights couldn’t defeat the dragon, how could a simple shoemaker? The answer is easy: chemistry. The shoemaker cleverly stuffed a sheep’s skin with sulphur, pitch, and mustard seed and left the meal until the morning, where the dragon would then be hungry. As planned, the dragon ate the offering in the morning, and a gurgling in his stomach followed by a big BANG decided his fate! Just like that, the Wawel Dragon had been defeated.

There are many morals we can take away from this story, but our personal favourite is that you don’t need to be the strongest, biggest, toughest person in the world to accomplish great things. Every day at Clipwire Games, there’s a small team of professionals working on bringing you the best bingo experience possible, always looking to accomplish something great. From the team at Clipwire Games, thank you for playing Bingo Story and helping in bringing our passion projects to life. We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s puzzle set as much as we have, and we look forward to providing you with more tales from Poland in the near future.

- The Clipwire Games Team