Bingo Story 1.9.8 Patch Notes

We think we’ve got a game-changer folks.

After many long hours, and many long nights, we’ve taken into account the thousands of recommendations and suggestions provided by our players to form our greatest update yet. Before we dive on in, we’d like to thank our many users across the globe for bringing their ideas & suggestions forth. We’re always listening, always happy to hear your feedback, and no voice ever goes unheard. Now, for the big announcement…


You wanted them, we listened, and now we’ve got them in Bingo Story. That’s right, players can now earn multiple bingos on their bingo cards for greater rewards! Earn a maximum of 4 bingos per bingo card played for a total of 16 possible bingos in a single round.

We’re also adding a BRAND NEW event type to Bingo Story and it is our most rewarding event yet! Keep an eye on our Facebook page in the next little for more details. Last but not least, we’re introducing a new month-long sale package! Purchasers of this package will receive items every day for a fixed period of time. It’s important to note that the player needs to log in every day in order to receive that day’s reward, so be sure to log in at least once per day to claim your package rewards!

We’ve got more exciting new features on the horizon so be sure to check the Bingo Blog frequently to find out what’s new! In the meantime, you can find a detailed list of patch notes below:



  • Multiple bingos can now be earned on each bingo card played (a maximum of 4 bingos per card)

  • A new event type has been added! Stay tuned for more details…

  • We’ve got a new 30-day sale available! Earn power ups over the course of 30 days without having to buy repeatedly

  • Alerts can now be turned off and on at the players discretion in the game settings

  • We’ve added smoother animations & a new post-game animation for added flair!


  • Our notification toggle now works as expected

  • General bugs have been squashed

  • We’ve worked up a sweat and improved our performance