Becoming the Best in Bingo (Story!)

It’s more complex than you think.

This week in Bingo Story, we introduced a test to find the best of rest, the true standouts, the people who can climb the Bingo Beanstalk the furthest. Many will try, few will succeed, and it will be a welcomed challenge, but when it comes down to it, being the best in bingo is not just about winning our live event. Being the best in bingo is about helping others, being less focused on personal gain, and instead choosing to shift gears to a more selfless perspective.

Every day, I log into Bingo Story, collect my daily gifts, and hang out in the chat room to see what’s going on in the community, and every day I’m blown away by the generosity of our players. Every day, without fail, I see at least 10+ occasions where players give spare collection items to others in need. I often say that these are the unsung heroes of our game, as we want Bingo Story to be a place where the community is thriving, a place where kindness prospers and malice fades. This blog post is a big thank you to the players out there who give back to our community, and are always striving to make new players welcomed and valued. The team at Clipwire Games thanks you.

Of course, never forgotten are the clubs that make the newcomer experience so much better. Being able to talk to thousands of users, it amazes me how frequently clubs are talked about and are described as “families”. We’re so happy to house numerous great clubs with this family-focused mentality and we cannot thank you enough for being supportive to both your fellow players/clubs and newcomers to Bingo Story. This is exactly the kind of support and reaction we wanted when we implemented this club system and we’re happy to see the players come together to achieve greatness (both in the daily tournament and in the community).

So the next time the best in bingo is talked about, always remember that it isn’t always the winner of competitions or challenges; the best in bingo is often the unsung hero who gives back to their community. The person who treats players with respect and welcome newcomers with open arms. The person who, however small the gesture, brings a little bit of happiness to another’s day. These, in my opinion, are the true players who can be considered the best in bingo.