A Letter to Our Clubs

Decisions aren’t always easy, but sometimes, the toughest decisions lead to the most prosperous futures.

At Clipwire Games, we’ve had a very tough time coming to this decision, and after taking everything into account, we feel confident in saying that we’ve made the choice that benefits the game in the long run. As of Friday, April 12, club sizes in Solitaire Buddies are being reduced from 50 members to 30 members.

There’s a few reasons why we’ve decided to reduce club sizes, and for those frantically scrambling to see if they have been removed from their club, rest assured that you are safe. Clubs that are currently above 30 members will be unable to add new members to their ranks until they are below the 30 member limit set out today. Now, to get to the heart of the manner, here is our thought process with the reduced team size:

More Team Cohesion

I’ve had the privilege of writing Spotlight Sunday posts every two weeks, and the luxury of joining several clubs, from highly competitive to overly casual. I’ve seen many clubs in the game and the one thing ties them all together is the feeling of family. The over-arching support system of clubs has been a very positive impact ton our community, and to heighten this sense of cohesion and bring club members closer together, a smaller club size is needed.

A More Competitive Club Tournament

We’ve listened to your call for more competition and we’re here to bring it to fruition. By reducing the club sizes, there will be more competitive clubs competing in the weekly club tournaments. Best of luck, Solitaire Buddies!

More Fun in Events

As you may have noticed, we’ve been pushing our live events team to the limit (literally) and bringing you more of the high quality events that you love. By reducing club sizes, our club events will both become more competitive and more fun. Be on the lookout for the next club event - it’s going to be a blast!

In Short…

We’ve made the tough decision to reduce club sizes for the greater good. By making this change, we’re bringing you tighter knit social spaces, more competitive weekly tournaments, and more competitive club events. We look forward to seeing your feedback, Solitaire Buddies!