Dorothy's Shopping Spree!

She’s got a pretty big budget too!

Our latest event explores the magical realm of Kansas, and the very good boy within it. Everyone’s favourite dog Toto is running low on pet supplies and needs Dorothy to take the hint that it’s time to go shopping! Dog food, Dog Toys, a new bed, Toto want’s it all but Dorothy has no idea where to find it! That’s where you come in Bingo Buddies - help Dorothy find these exquisite items on your Bingo cards to make Toto happy (most importantly) but also for a big reward.

We constantly try to push the envelope and bring the best bingo experience we can to our users, which is why we didn’t release this single player collection until it was perfect. In case you missed it, it was National Puppy Day (The best thing to search on twitter) recently, which is when this collection was originally to be released. We’re all very big dog lovers at the office, which may have had an influence on this event, but it really got us thinking about “Man’s best friend” and how fortunate we are to have them in our lives.

If you really think about it, how many tough days have you had, and how many times have you come home from work to see your best friend standing there, ready to snuggle up to you? How many times have you been SUPER bored at home and your best friend was there to play with you? How many happy moments were provided to you thanks to your best friend doing something hilarious?

If it isn’t clear already, the answer is a lot.

Toto was the exact same to Dorothy. In times of struggle, Toto was always there to cheer Dorothy up, and even in the darkest of times was by her side. So let’s give Toto the spotlight he deserves, and the pampering he deserves, and find his pet supplies, shall we?