Laying Down the Law - Bingo Style

Fun fact: Robin Hood was not created by Disney.

I know, I was taken for a loop too, being a millennial and all. It was actually written by an American illustrator by the name of Howard Pyle in 1883, originally entitled, “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire”. Pyle’s literature dives deep into Robin Hood’s origins, how his band was formed, and the timeless tales of hardship the group had to face, repeatedly, at the hands of the the law-enforcing Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s from tales like these that inspiration is found, often manifesting into written form, but in our case, we decided to go one step further and bring you a complete action-hero inspired collection event.

For the next few days, Bingo Story, and Sheriff Nottingham will have a case to crack. The local jeweler in town has reported a burglary, but not just any old burglary, as it looks like the thieves have stolen very specific wares. Instead of stealing the items of most value, it looks like the items stolen were items that could be put to good use. It’s almost as if the culprit wanted to use these stolen valuables in their day to day life. At first glance, the Sheriff deduces the culprit must be Robin Hood, as is usually the case, but upon further inspection, a small cutlass was found at the scene. It was at that very moment the Sheriff knew the culprit was unique, not from around the area, and knew how to lie and steal… almost as if it were second nature. One last piece of evidence was scrounged up from the crime scene: a handwritten note, partially destroyed, but made out to seemingly read “ br-ng th- g-ods t- trea—re isl-nd! “.

What could this mean? Is there a new threat coming to town? Who were these skilled saboteurs? The Sheriff was going to need help, and he was going to need it fast… and that’s where you come in, Bingo Buddies! The Sheriff is asking for your assistance. Will you let the culprits get away with their petty or crime or become the heroes the Sheriff needs in this defining moment? Be on the look out for stolen treasure on your bingo cards and return them all to the Sheriff for a handsome reward, and who knows, maybe these thieves will turn up as well...