Redshift: 4.2 Patch Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed known issue from 4.2C



  • Rifts can now be started by majority rule and not just by the host or a full room.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues where particles would fire incorrectly.
  • Fixed issues where particles would not have color.

Known Issues

  • Particles Sometimes appear in the middle of the screen.



  • Players will receive a message when the ladder ends that tells them who ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • You no longer need to refresh the game to receive ladder prizes.
  • A number of battle optimizations.
  • Moved important player preferences to the server so they will store across devices and patch releases.
  • Added a cannon range passive.
  • Achievements have progress bars now.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with mind control.
  • Fixed the Carbon bug.
  • You can no longer attempt to recruit common badges.
  • Fixed a number of sizing issues, more to be fixed later.


Note: Following this patch and any hotfixes, Redshift will be going on a summer development break, which means no new features, just bug fixes.

Redshift: 4.1 Patch Notes

Patch 4.1 Notes



  • Fixed turrets not firing after their first shot.
  • Fixed Capital Ships not giving resources
  • Hopefully fixed battles not ended properly.
  • Updated the Ladder Icon
  • Fixed a Bug where when VIP was inactive, the game was showing an incorrect XP value some certain XP cards.


  • Fixed a problems with advanced battles
  • Health bars are not visible when windows are open.


  • Fixed the "treadon" bug
  • A few other small fixes.



Bug Fixes

  • Buying Ships and Interceptors from the shop works again

  • The Battle button will not show up in the Ladder Window for Ladders that have no battles.

  • Alliance HQ upgrade costs were incorrect, fixed this.

  • Various other small fixes.





  • Added a Ladder Competition system to the game, compete against other players to claim the prizes at the end.
  • Currently there are three Ladder types, complete fleet raids, collect operations and complete Rift Battles.
  • Fleet Raid Chances cap have been reduced to 10, with the player earning one every 30 minutes.
  • Players can also earn 5 additional fleet raids per day at VIP Level 2,6 and 10.
  • Players can earn unique skins, prestige tokens and experience cards as well as a host of other prizes.

Social Window

  • Added an Achievements tab so you can see all of the achievements you have earned and can earn as well as the requirement.
  • Add a Messages tab where you will be able to claim Ladder prizes as well as more things in the future.


  • You can now buy x8, x16 and x32 Immortal Experience Cards in the shop, as well as Prestige Tokens and Ship Skins.


  • Added French Support
  • Added German Support
  • Added Russian Support


  • Players will now collect the Last Hits they earn as well.
  • Fleet Power Bonus for Prestige Ships
  • Sound Effects added to Prestige and Skinning Windows

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade Button in the inventory will work when selecting Crew Members now.
  • Fixed issues with Combine ships to Prestige 2.
  • Smoothed out the process for prestiging ships.
  • Adjusted some sound effects so they are not as loud.
  • It no longer says Hero Wheel Spins when collecting Alliance Resources.
  • Ships should appear dead when they are dead in a battle now.
  • Fixed Alliance Point number being cut off in the Forge.
  • Fixed Escorts spawning in the middle of the screen.
  • Fixed issue were ships deployed outside the deployment area would do nothing.

Feature Friday #14 Climbing Ladders

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to another Feature Friday, today I am going to talking about our new Ladder system we are adding to the game.

This Ladder system will consist one or more seasonal competitions going on at one time. Players can join each Ladder and complete the required task to earn points towards the Ladder. When the Ladder Season ends rewards will be given out.

Speaking of Rewards, there are a number of them you can earn now including but not limited to:

  • Prestige Tokens
  • A Unique Golden Ship skin which can only be earned by placing first in a Ladder.
  • Unique Titles for 1st,2nd and 3rd place.
  • Ships & Interceptors, Yes that right you can get Immortal, Legendary and Epic Ships and Interceptors to boost your power.
  • Buffed XP Cards, we have added 8x Immortal Xp Cards, 16x Immortal Xp Cards and 32x Immortal Experience Cards which will take one ship from level 1 to level 100 with just one card.
  • And More...


Other Changes

  • We have improved performance in a couple of area's of the game this time around, more still to come later.
  • We have expanded the Shop to provide Prestige Tokens, The Buffed Xp Cards and Skins so they can be purchased any time.
  • The Alliance HQ now can go up to level 20, which each level providing 5% bonus resources from alliance buildings.
  • Of course lots of bug fixes that have been reported.


That's it for this week, we plan on releasing this next patch, next week!


Redshift: 4.0 Patch Notes

Redshift: Version 4.0 Patch Notes

Version 4.0 of Redshift will be released very soon for Browsers and within the next few days for mobile platforms.

Patch 4.0E

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues were skins would not show up in the skin editor.
  • Assigned sales were not working correctly.
  • Fixed contextual hints showing up in places they should not.
  • Fixed the prestige token not showing up in certain places.
  • A crash in the sale window when moving through sales quickly.
  • A few other bugs.

Patch 4.0C/D

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of small graphical glitches
  • Fixed a crash on load in the browser versions.
  • Fixed missions not working correctly

Patch 4.0B

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to claim missions on version 3.9E
  • Fixed Missing prestige token on the wheel


Patch 4.0A



Max level immortal ships and capital ships are now customizable. New skins can be bought, or earned through upcoming unannounced features. 


There is now a new prestige system in place to make your max leveled immortal ships more powerful. Two of the same immortal ship, prestige level, and max level, can be combined to make a new powerful ship. Prestige tokens used for this system can be rewarded by the wheel, purchase, and a upcoming unannounced feature. This new feature is located in the shipyard of your alliance base. 

Achievements and Titles

You can now earn achievements in game and many achievements will grant titles which can be displayed in front of your name.

  • Sector Battle Achievements
    • First Win! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #9 (Title - Ensign)
    • Just Getting Started! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #25 (Title - Federation Defender)
    • Now We’re Talking! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #49 (Title - Lieutenant)
    • In Your Face! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #75 (Title - Commander)
    • How Do You Like Me Now! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #99 (Title - Captain)
    • Victorious! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #129 (Title - Federation Admiral)
  • VIP Level Achievements
    • Unrecognized! : Reach VIP Level 2 (Title)
    • Unremarkable! : Reach VIP Level 3 (Title)
    • Familiar! : Reach VIP Level 4 (Title)
    • Liked! : Reach VIP Level 5 (Title)
    • Notable! : Reach VIP Level 6 (Title)
    • Local Hero! : Reach VIP Level 7 (Title)
    • Distinguished! : Reach VIP Level 8 (Title)
    • Remarkable! : Reach VIP Level 9 (Title)
    • Famous! : Reach VIP Level 10 (Title)
  • Rift Achievements
    • Picnic Master! : Complete Rift Tier One, Five Times (Title)
    • Astral Shifter! : Complete Rift Tier Two, Five Times (Title)
    • Stellar Repeller! : Complete Rift Tier Three, Five Times (Title)
    • The Pathfinder! : Complete Rift Tier Four, Five Times (Title)
    • The Incombustible! : Complete Rift Tier Five, Five Times (Title)
  • Kills Achievements
    • Soldier! : Kill 5000 Enemies
    • Hunter! : Kill 25000 Enemies
    • Assassin! : Kill 100000 Enemies
    • Rampage! : Kill 500000 Enemies
    • Merciless! Kill 1000000 Enemies (Title)
  • Purchase Achievements
    • A Few Credits! : Purchase Professional Pack
    • A Handful Credits! : Purchase Total Pack
    • A Pile Credits! : Purchase Extreme Pack
    • Chests of Credits! : Purchase Ultimate Pack
    • Mountain of Credits! : Purchase Incredible Pack
    • Big Spender! : Purchase Luxury Pack (Title)
  • First Ship Achievements
    • Epic! : Find your First Epic Ship
    • Legen wait for it dary! : Find your First Legendary Ship
    • Deathless! : Find your First Immortal Ship
  • Prestige, Wiki, Gift Achievements
    • An Upgrade! : Have a ship reach Prestige Level 1
    • Prestigious! : Have a ship reach Prestige Level 5 (Title)
    • Expert! : Read the Wiki (Title - Educated)
    • Charitable! : Give 100 Gifts (Title)
    • The Giver of Gifts! : Give 1000 Gifts (Title - Giver of Gifts)
  • Consecutive Days Achievements
    • 3 Days! : Play 3 Consecutive Days
    • One Week! : Play 7 Consecutive Days
    • A Fortnight! : Play 14 Consecutive Days
    • Month Long! : Play 30 Consecutive Days
    • Centidiurnal! : Play 100 Consecutive Days (Title - The Centidiurnal)
    • Year Round! : Play 365 Consecutive Days (Title - Redshift Master)



  • All of the Rifts have been reworked to contain just 10 waves each.
  •  Although less waves, each wave is now longer and more difficult to beat than before.
  • The rewards of the tiers have been adjusted based on the time invested and the difficulty.
  • Tier 5 is also now available.
  • The daily missions have been updated to reflect this change.

Bug Fixes

  • The correct Credit sale will now be shown to players.
  • When you have a max level alliance building, you can now view information about it.
  • A Recruit button has been added to the inventory when selecting Crew Members
  • The inventory window will not be empty when you have no crew members.
  • Added labels for Capital Ships Abilities slots.
  • Alliances the player cannot join are now hidden.
  • You can no longer extract and upgrade with a planetary extractor at the same time.
  • Fixed the alliance join button texture.
  • Fixed the background moving in the wrong direction.
  • Autoburn will correctly select the lowest level ship rather than the highest.
  • Fixed a bug where the credit cost for extracting from a planetary extractor was different in different places.
  • The Auto burn window will no longer close when in the fleet view.
  • You can no longer over contribute to alliance buildings.
  • Various small user experience fixes.

Feature Friday #13 - Titles and Skins and Rifts! Oh My!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the next addition of Feature Friday, today we are going to be talking about several other new features that are coming in the next patch, mainly titles skins and changes to the rift.


You can now earn titles in the game, right now through achievements (did I mention we now have 45 achievements in the game, more on that later). These titles range from beating the Rift, to VIP levels, to Beating Sectors and such. We will also be adding more titles in the future. You can only have one active title at a time and they can set where you change your name.

Some of the titles you can earn

  • Giver of Gifts - Gift 1000 gifts to other players.
  • Notable - Reach VIP Level 6.
  • Educated - Read the Wiki.
  • Prestigious - Have a Level 5 Prestige Ship.
  • Redshift Master - Log into the game for 365 days straight.
  • Merciless - Kill 1 million enemies.

We are going to do our best to grant you titles you already may have earned previously, however some titles we cannot grant because we were not storing that information previously.


As I mentioned above, we have added achievements to the game, there are currently 45 you can earn in game, some of which award titles. We will be releasing a full list of achievements at a later date, However you can check out the titles for a glimpse of what some of the achievements are going to be.


I alluded to a skinning system last week for ships, You now enter a new screen that allows you to live preview the skin on a ship and select from every skin you have.

Skins are consumable, which means you need one of a skin for each you have, however a skin can be taken off a ship at any time, and if you burn a skin the skin will also be refunded.

Currently we have plans for 5 skins, silver, bronze, camouflage, rainbow and polka dot. However we have more skins planned for the future, including unique rewards that can only be earned in the game through completing very difficult tasks. We also can release skins at any time as they are not tied to a patch release, we welcome suggestions for skins as well.


This is a rather large change to the way Rifts currently work in addition to opening up Rift Tier 5. All Rifts are now 10 waves, there are a couple of reasons for this, it can take a long time to complete Rifts currently in many cases and that is not good, we do not want people spending 20, 30, 40 minutes or more to complete a Rift. This means rewards have been adjusted for these Rifts, however the rewards are the same as you would earn in the old longer Rifts for the time invested.

Second and more importantly, the way rifts are currently designed each Rift is longer than the last and even if we capped the waves at 50 it takes a very long time to design and balance on of these Rifts. By fixing all Rifts at 10 waves we can quickly release new Rifts to provide more of a challenge to later game players.

That is all for now, there are no pictures as we are still developing some of the features and how they will look. As a side treat we plan to have this patch out next week barring any major issues and the week after that at most. Then we will start on the next major feature which I am really excited about, but you will have to wait until next week to find out more.

Feature Friday #12 - Prestige Tokens

Hey everyone,

Today I have a really exciting feature to talk about, Prestige Tokens. These tokens will allow you to take two max level immortal ships and combine them into a more powerful version of that ship.

Let's take an example, you have 2 level 100 Titan's sitting in a fleet doing nothing but taking up space. Now you can take those two Titans and combine them in the Alliance Shipyard using one Prestige Token

What does upgrading this ship actually mean in battle you ask? Well that ship will receive a 25% increase to all core stats including fleet power, damage, plating, speed, attack range, attack frequency, critical hit chance and damage. However besides the Prestige Token, the new ship will be level 1 again and have to be leveled up again.

And wait there is more, you can take two prestige level one ships and combine them into a prestige level two ship and on forever, there  is not max prestige level.

We will be releasing more information about this system over the coming weeks before it's release as well as some other features.

As a treat here is a WIP screenshot of the new UI for the Shipyard.




*Developer Note: This feature is still in development and values are subject to change before release.

Redshift: 3.9 Patch Notes

Patch 3.9 is released, this is a fairly small patch note wise, but we have made a number of performance improvements under the hood. The WebPlayer and WebGL builds are live, Android will be going live tomorrow and iOS once it is approved.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to move capital ships.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed posting gifts in the alliance.
  • Fixed Double Planet Issue on WebGL builds
  • Fixed a few Depth issues on windows
  • Fixed a texture compression issue
  • Fixed switching languages
  • Fixed depth issue for alliance UI
  • Fixed Targeting issue.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a loading bug on the Alliance Screen.



  • Performance Improvements: We spent a good deal of time going through the game to improve performance, we have a few other things we are going to work on in the future still.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Transferring Leadership
  • Fixed Officer Powers
  • Fixed Capital Ship Positions in battles
  • Fixed sector battles saying player kills
  • A few other minor fixes
  • Fixed resurrection abilities.

Redshift: Version 3.81 Patch Notes

We will be releasing the second part of Patch 3.8 tomorrow, April 19th, 2016


  • New sound effects and 3D positional battle sounds.
  • New Alliance Window, with more features, including an Officer rank, Player Bio's and Stats.
  • Ships will now be ordered in battle as they are in the fleet hub.
  • We balanced Capital Ship weapons, no weapon should underperform now.
  • Tap and Hold when deploying will deploy many ships.
  • The player name has returned to the battle window.
  • Added Turkish Language Support.

Bug Fixes

  • Planetary extractors show the correct progress bar now.
  • Red dots are added to the battle button when there are planetary raids ready.
  • Double Screen bug fixed.
  • The Copper wheel will not show the red dot when playing through the browser.
  • Player names in the rift should always show up now.
  • Fixed a bug where alliance minimum fleet power was ignored.
  • Fixed a sorting bug with fleets in the operations window.
  • Various little bugs.

Redshift: Feature Friday #11 - Alliance Window

Welcome to another Feature Friday. Today we will be taking a look at the new Alliance window.

The alliance window has been broken up into three tabs now, the first tab is the general alliance information. Contains on this page is a number of useful pieces of information including the number of buildings of each type the alliance has constructed.

The Alliance leader can change the join code which has been a much requested feature, and set the privacy and minimum FP requirements. Officers can view this page as well, but otherwise the join code will be hidden from players who have a rank of member.

The List of members has been moved to a new tab with some improvements. As you can see in the picture there is now an officer rank who can kick people from the alliance and view the join code.

You now select a user to bring up a list of options based on each rank, as Leader I can Kick, Promote to Officer, Transfer Leadership to an Officer, Add a Friend and View the player's personal details. Officers can Kick, but not Promote. Members can only Add Friend and View Profiles.

The personal tab can be used to view your personal statistics for the alliance, including the total number of resources you have spent. You can also write a short bio about yourself. 

Any Alliance Member can also view any other members information. You can also Visit their Base and Fleets.


This Wraps up a look at the new Alliance Window, we hoped your enjoyed it and we look forward to releasing this next patch in the coming weeks.