Patch 3.4

Redshift: Version 3.4 Patch Notes

Major Features

  •     Fleet management has moved from the "Fleet" window to an interactive view, where you can see and interact with all your ships in space (vs. in the window).
  •     You can view the classic fleet view window by tapping the fleet button while already in fleet view (although our plan is to phase this out)
  •     Added new Tutorial for the Game.
  •     Redesigned the entire UI.
  •     Redesigned the Missions.
  •     Type-C Damage Boost Unit renamed to Interceptor evacuation.
  •     Currency & Small mission rewards no longer display the large collect window.
  •     Max level ships will not be selected for auto-burning in the Rift.
  •     Increased the maximum level of the Planetary Extractor to level 50.

Minor Features

  •     The bottom left buttons are now used to switch between the three main game views (Fleets, Base and Alliance Base).
  •     Moved missions and shop to top bar.
  •     Removed packs button from top bar and integrated pack opening/buying in to the shop
  •     Schematics state and progress can now be viewed from above the schematics lab in the alliance base.
  •     Removed the schematics button from the top bar.
  •     Alliance forge contributions sort by highest contributor first.
  •     Reduced the number of notifications of Facebook and Kongregate.
  •     Added capital ship defensive items to the internal wiki.
  •     Added list of weapon abilities in the internal wiki.
  •     Decoded schematics burn for 2x XP.
  •     Changed the position of schematics name’s so more clearly displays.
  •     Ships stats now reflect any weapons or items equipped.


  •     Buffed Capital Ship Armour Bonus which reduced damage from interceptors and escorts to be in line with that of hosts.

Bug Fixes

  •     Fixed some abilities sometimes not working as intended in some situations affecting some players.
  •     Viewing another player’s base will no longer display all of their ships across all of their fleets.
  •     Canceling an auto-burn window while in a battle view, will not take you to the next battle or back to your base.
  •     Adjusted alignment on battle UI
  •     Capital ships weren't leveling up past level 100

Version 3.4B

  •     Fixed Grandfather in old users
  •     Fixed Crash on load affecting some users.

Version 3.4C

  •     Canvas.dll issue fixed
  •     Repeatable missions include on mission button counter
  •     Display the correct capital ship when visiting other people's bases
  •     Update wording for tutorials
  •     Delay between Rift Waves increased to 10 seconds.
  •     Fix for notifications on Android
  •     Fix: The captain display shows cap as 60, when it is 100.
  •     Ships are max level are not visible in the auto-burn list
  •     Fix: Game crashes if you accept a decoded schematic when you inventory is full.
  •     When loading the game, it opens to you default fleet.
  •     Game crashes when you add a friend via the alliance window.
  •     Sorting levels for capital ship items
  •     Decoding common schematics only takes 60 seconds.
  •     Various visual fixes
  •     Captain Passives will work in the Rift now.