Patch 3.81

Redshift: Version 3.81 Patch Notes

We will be releasing the second part of Patch 3.8 tomorrow, April 19th, 2016


  • New sound effects and 3D positional battle sounds.
  • New Alliance Window, with more features, including an Officer rank, Player Bio's and Stats.
  • Ships will now be ordered in battle as they are in the fleet hub.
  • We balanced Capital Ship weapons, no weapon should underperform now.
  • Tap and Hold when deploying will deploy many ships.
  • The player name has returned to the battle window.
  • Added Turkish Language Support.

Bug Fixes

  • Planetary extractors show the correct progress bar now.
  • Red dots are added to the battle button when there are planetary raids ready.
  • Double Screen bug fixed.
  • The Copper wheel will not show the red dot when playing through the browser.
  • Player names in the rift should always show up now.
  • Fixed a bug where alliance minimum fleet power was ignored.
  • Fixed a sorting bug with fleets in the operations window.
  • Various little bugs.