Patch 3.9

Redshift: 3.9 Patch Notes

Patch 3.9 is released, this is a fairly small patch note wise, but we have made a number of performance improvements under the hood. The WebPlayer and WebGL builds are live, Android will be going live tomorrow and iOS once it is approved.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to move capital ships.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed posting gifts in the alliance.
  • Fixed Double Planet Issue on WebGL builds
  • Fixed a few Depth issues on windows
  • Fixed a texture compression issue
  • Fixed switching languages
  • Fixed depth issue for alliance UI
  • Fixed Targeting issue.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a loading bug on the Alliance Screen.



  • Performance Improvements: We spent a good deal of time going through the game to improve performance, we have a few other things we are going to work on in the future still.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Transferring Leadership
  • Fixed Officer Powers
  • Fixed Capital Ship Positions in battles
  • Fixed sector battles saying player kills
  • A few other minor fixes
  • Fixed resurrection abilities.