Patch 4.0

Redshift: 4.0 Patch Notes

Redshift: Version 4.0 Patch Notes

Version 4.0 of Redshift will be released very soon for Browsers and within the next few days for mobile platforms.

Patch 4.0E

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues were skins would not show up in the skin editor.
  • Assigned sales were not working correctly.
  • Fixed contextual hints showing up in places they should not.
  • Fixed the prestige token not showing up in certain places.
  • A crash in the sale window when moving through sales quickly.
  • A few other bugs.

Patch 4.0C/D

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of small graphical glitches
  • Fixed a crash on load in the browser versions.
  • Fixed missions not working correctly

Patch 4.0B

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to claim missions on version 3.9E
  • Fixed Missing prestige token on the wheel


Patch 4.0A



Max level immortal ships and capital ships are now customizable. New skins can be bought, or earned through upcoming unannounced features. 


There is now a new prestige system in place to make your max leveled immortal ships more powerful. Two of the same immortal ship, prestige level, and max level, can be combined to make a new powerful ship. Prestige tokens used for this system can be rewarded by the wheel, purchase, and a upcoming unannounced feature. This new feature is located in the shipyard of your alliance base. 

Achievements and Titles

You can now earn achievements in game and many achievements will grant titles which can be displayed in front of your name.

  • Sector Battle Achievements
    • First Win! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #9 (Title - Ensign)
    • Just Getting Started! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #25 (Title - Federation Defender)
    • Now We’re Talking! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #49 (Title - Lieutenant)
    • In Your Face! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #75 (Title - Commander)
    • How Do You Like Me Now! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #99 (Title - Captain)
    • Victorious! : Earn three stars on Sector Battle #129 (Title - Federation Admiral)
  • VIP Level Achievements
    • Unrecognized! : Reach VIP Level 2 (Title)
    • Unremarkable! : Reach VIP Level 3 (Title)
    • Familiar! : Reach VIP Level 4 (Title)
    • Liked! : Reach VIP Level 5 (Title)
    • Notable! : Reach VIP Level 6 (Title)
    • Local Hero! : Reach VIP Level 7 (Title)
    • Distinguished! : Reach VIP Level 8 (Title)
    • Remarkable! : Reach VIP Level 9 (Title)
    • Famous! : Reach VIP Level 10 (Title)
  • Rift Achievements
    • Picnic Master! : Complete Rift Tier One, Five Times (Title)
    • Astral Shifter! : Complete Rift Tier Two, Five Times (Title)
    • Stellar Repeller! : Complete Rift Tier Three, Five Times (Title)
    • The Pathfinder! : Complete Rift Tier Four, Five Times (Title)
    • The Incombustible! : Complete Rift Tier Five, Five Times (Title)
  • Kills Achievements
    • Soldier! : Kill 5000 Enemies
    • Hunter! : Kill 25000 Enemies
    • Assassin! : Kill 100000 Enemies
    • Rampage! : Kill 500000 Enemies
    • Merciless! Kill 1000000 Enemies (Title)
  • Purchase Achievements
    • A Few Credits! : Purchase Professional Pack
    • A Handful Credits! : Purchase Total Pack
    • A Pile Credits! : Purchase Extreme Pack
    • Chests of Credits! : Purchase Ultimate Pack
    • Mountain of Credits! : Purchase Incredible Pack
    • Big Spender! : Purchase Luxury Pack (Title)
  • First Ship Achievements
    • Epic! : Find your First Epic Ship
    • Legen wait for it dary! : Find your First Legendary Ship
    • Deathless! : Find your First Immortal Ship
  • Prestige, Wiki, Gift Achievements
    • An Upgrade! : Have a ship reach Prestige Level 1
    • Prestigious! : Have a ship reach Prestige Level 5 (Title)
    • Expert! : Read the Wiki (Title - Educated)
    • Charitable! : Give 100 Gifts (Title)
    • The Giver of Gifts! : Give 1000 Gifts (Title - Giver of Gifts)
  • Consecutive Days Achievements
    • 3 Days! : Play 3 Consecutive Days
    • One Week! : Play 7 Consecutive Days
    • A Fortnight! : Play 14 Consecutive Days
    • Month Long! : Play 30 Consecutive Days
    • Centidiurnal! : Play 100 Consecutive Days (Title - The Centidiurnal)
    • Year Round! : Play 365 Consecutive Days (Title - Redshift Master)



  • All of the Rifts have been reworked to contain just 10 waves each.
  •  Although less waves, each wave is now longer and more difficult to beat than before.
  • The rewards of the tiers have been adjusted based on the time invested and the difficulty.
  • Tier 5 is also now available.
  • The daily missions have been updated to reflect this change.

Bug Fixes

  • The correct Credit sale will now be shown to players.
  • When you have a max level alliance building, you can now view information about it.
  • A Recruit button has been added to the inventory when selecting Crew Members
  • The inventory window will not be empty when you have no crew members.
  • Added labels for Capital Ships Abilities slots.
  • Alliances the player cannot join are now hidden.
  • You can no longer extract and upgrade with a planetary extractor at the same time.
  • Fixed the alliance join button texture.
  • Fixed the background moving in the wrong direction.
  • Autoburn will correctly select the lowest level ship rather than the highest.
  • Fixed a bug where the credit cost for extracting from a planetary extractor was different in different places.
  • The Auto burn window will no longer close when in the fleet view.
  • You can no longer over contribute to alliance buildings.
  • Various small user experience fixes.