Patch 4.1

Redshift: 4.1 Patch Notes

Patch 4.1 Notes



  • Fixed turrets not firing after their first shot.
  • Fixed Capital Ships not giving resources
  • Hopefully fixed battles not ended properly.
  • Updated the Ladder Icon
  • Fixed a Bug where when VIP was inactive, the game was showing an incorrect XP value some certain XP cards.


  • Fixed a problems with advanced battles
  • Health bars are not visible when windows are open.


  • Fixed the "treadon" bug
  • A few other small fixes.



Bug Fixes

  • Buying Ships and Interceptors from the shop works again

  • The Battle button will not show up in the Ladder Window for Ladders that have no battles.

  • Alliance HQ upgrade costs were incorrect, fixed this.

  • Various other small fixes.





  • Added a Ladder Competition system to the game, compete against other players to claim the prizes at the end.
  • Currently there are three Ladder types, complete fleet raids, collect operations and complete Rift Battles.
  • Fleet Raid Chances cap have been reduced to 10, with the player earning one every 30 minutes.
  • Players can also earn 5 additional fleet raids per day at VIP Level 2,6 and 10.
  • Players can earn unique skins, prestige tokens and experience cards as well as a host of other prizes.

Social Window

  • Added an Achievements tab so you can see all of the achievements you have earned and can earn as well as the requirement.
  • Add a Messages tab where you will be able to claim Ladder prizes as well as more things in the future.


  • You can now buy x8, x16 and x32 Immortal Experience Cards in the shop, as well as Prestige Tokens and Ship Skins.


  • Added French Support
  • Added German Support
  • Added Russian Support


  • Players will now collect the Last Hits they earn as well.
  • Fleet Power Bonus for Prestige Ships
  • Sound Effects added to Prestige and Skinning Windows

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade Button in the inventory will work when selecting Crew Members now.
  • Fixed issues with Combine ships to Prestige 2.
  • Smoothed out the process for prestiging ships.
  • Adjusted some sound effects so they are not as loud.
  • It no longer says Hero Wheel Spins when collecting Alliance Resources.
  • Ships should appear dead when they are dead in a battle now.
  • Fixed Alliance Point number being cut off in the Forge.
  • Fixed Escorts spawning in the middle of the screen.
  • Fixed issue were ships deployed outside the deployment area would do nothing.