Web GL and the Future

Hey everyone,

I wanted to talk a little about WebGL and why we have officially dropped support for the Unity Web Player.

Over the passed 8 months, we have slowly be moving towards removing Unity Web Player support following the announcement  that Firefox was dropping support for it at the end of 2016.

We wanted to make sure that we would have time to fix as many issues as possible and we have been working towards fixing as many issues as we can over the past months.

However there are still more bug fixes out there and we need your help. When you encounter one of those errors on screen, we need you to send an email to us, including the error message but more importantly what you were doing at the time of the crash as this will make it possible for us to track down the issues.

As for running WebGL on your computers, running a 64 bit browser is the best way to ensure that the game runs smooth, however we are going to work on making the 32 bit version better as we know this is not an option for everyone. It is also important that you keep your browsers up to date as this will ensure you are getting the latest improvements in performance.

In addition, the major browser companies are working on new and improved features that will help WebGL games run faster on all browsers, this technology should hopefully be available soon and we will continue to be updating our game with any nessesary changes.

Finally, we will continue to keep you updated as time goes on with any and all improvements we release.


  • Upgrade to a 64 bit browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge)
  •  We are going to continue to release fixes addressing problems
  • Submit encountered errors, including what you were doing at the time. 


I also want to address memory issues, unfortunately as of right now the game requires a significant amount of memory to load, this is because the java script which controls all of the game logic is huge due to the nature of java script and Unity compiling it into a single file. This means the browser needs to load the entire script which requires a lot of memory. There is very little we can do about this at this time. However technologies such as WebAssembly will greatly reduce this and should be available in the near future.


If you are encountering any issues with running the WebGL version of the game, you first need to make sure that your browser is up to date, this is very important.

Second if updating your browser did not help, try and switch to a 64 bit browser if possible.

If neither of these solutions work, please contact us.