Marketing Analyst


Clipwire Games is honored that millions of people around the world have played our games.  We’re constantly working to please and excite our players with new games and ideas; to do this we need a team of passionate people who believe in constantly pushing the boundaries, learning new things and evolving.

We are seeking a passionate analyst to join us in bringing new users to our mobile games.  As a marketing analyst, you will become an expert in the domain of mobile game user acquisition and help apply industry leading best practices within our games; the results of your work will be measured through our metrics dashboards and you will be able to see quantified changes in performance for all the improvements you make!


  • Create, schedule and manage marketing campaigns.

  • Review and re-allocate marketing budgets to top performing campaigns.

  • Analyze results of marketing campaigns and present results to growth team.

  • Research, brainstorm and test various marketing creatives.

  • Research, brainstorm and test campaign targeting options.

  • Identify and take advantage of major growth opportunities.

  • Research trends for mobile game marketing and apply knowledge to our games.

  • Manage relationships with UA partners.


  • A data-driven, analytical mindset with unrelenting drive to produce results.

  • Ability to iterate quickly and operate independently in a demanding, creative and dynamic environment.

  • Active mobile game player familiar with popular trends.

  • Proficient in Excel, including formulas and data visualizations.

  • Ability to write and execute simple SQL queries.

  • Thorough understanding of the mechanics in our “Bingo Story” and “Solitaire Buddies” game.


  • A degree in Marketing, Business or similar.

  • A background in statistics.

  • Understanding of the CPI and CPM bidding strategies.

  • Experience with F2P and/or mobile games.

  • Experience with Tableau or similar BI software.

  • Experience with JIRA.

How to Apply

Please send your resumé to and include the word “market01” in your subject line.