What is Redshift?

In Redshift, you are a Commander charged with setting building up fleets to protect the galaxy from enemies. Build up your fleet's, base and battle your way through enemies for precious resources!

How can I be successful in Redshift? 

To make sure you are on the right track, make sure you keep upgrading your base, ships and crew members. When you are not sure what needs to be done, check your missions log and keep building up your fleets when in doubt.

What is Carbon used for? 

Carbon is used to build and upgrade buildings in your base.

What are Credits used for? 

Credits are the premium currency in Redshift. They can only be collected through special means, like purchasing them from the shop and completing missions. Credits are used in a variety of areas throughout the game. Use them to rush building upgrades or in replacement of other in-game currencies.

What is Cold Matter used for? 

Cold Matter is an extremely rare currency. It is used to buy items in the shop and upgrade crew active abilities.

What is Dark Matter used for? 

Dark Matter is used to upgrade ship abilities. It is obtained from planetary extraction's and fighting battles. 

What is Omega Matter used for? 

Omega Matter is used to upgrade interceptors. It is obtained from fighting battles. 

What is Prime Matter used for? 

Prime Matter is used to upgrade ship weapons. It is from fighting battles. 

How do Fleets work? 

Fleets are made up of of both squadrons and crew members. Both are upgradable in a variety of ways. You will start out with just one fleet and as you expand, you will eventually unlock multiple fleets. The strength of a fleet is determined by the strength of the crew and ships. The fleet size is determined by the crew captain.

How do you add more Fleets? 

You need to build more Fleet Bays which can be unlocked by upgrade your Command Center.

What is a Squadron? 

A squadron is a group of ships on the battlefield.

What is a Host? 

A host is a ship that can hold up to three escorts and 3 interceptors depending on the rarity. It also can use powerful abilities in battle at the cost of tactical points. Each host leads a squadron.

What is an Escort? 

Escorts are support ships for your hosts, they provide bonuses to each squadron.

What is an Interceptor? 

Interceptors are fighters that travel with the host ship. They provided a great deal of firepower as well as absorbing damage from the enemy.

What is the Sector? 

The Sector is the single player battling option. You can play through the sectors to also great earn rewards.

What are Tactical Points? 

Tactical Points are a non-persistent resource that accumulate in battle, indicated by the yellow progress bar in the bottom middle of the screen. They are used to cast ship special abilities.

What are Ship Special Abilities? 

Each ship type has a fixed special ability. Special abilities are manually activated in battle, have a reuse cool down and cost Tactical Points. 

What are Crew Active Abilities? 

Crew Members have an Active Ability which can help turn the tide of battle in your . The active ability can only be used once per battle and it does not cost any Tactical Points.