Solitaire Buddies FAQ


About Solitaire Buddies

What is Solitaire Buddies?

Solitaire Buddies is a fun new way to play the classic game of solitaire! Join Ashes, Ruby and Rex in their latest adventure: The Wild West! Compete against other card masters in score-based tournaments to earn bragging rights and other amazing prizes! Earn special card backs to personalize your gameplay. Earn a high enough card streak to unlock a more bonuses and earn even more prizes to help you reach the top of the daily leaderboards.

Basic Game Play

How do I play?

At the start of a round, several cards will be dealt on to the play area. The objective of the game is to remove all cards from the play area.

On the bottom of the screen there is a stack of face-down cards, this is your draw pile. To the right is a face-up card, this is your face-up pile.

You can clear any card in the play area by tapping on it if it is one-higher or one-lower than the card visible on the face-up pile AND if there are no other cards in the play area on-top of it. Suit and color do not matter. Aces can be played on kings, and vice-versa.

Once a card is cleared from the play area, it is placed at the top of the face-up pile.

If you cannot clear any cards in the play area, you can tap on the draw pile to card a new card on your face-up pile and possibly allow clearing a card.

If you run out of cards on the face-down pile before you clear all the cards in the play area, you lose. If you can clear all cards from the play area before you run out of cards in the draw pile, you win.

Does suit or color matter?

No. You can play a card of any color or suit if it is one above or one below the face-up card at the bottom of the screen.


The points you earn when you play are added to your daily tournament score; these are important because it determines your tier (and prizes) for the day.

Each time you play a card, you are awarded points, the number of points a card is worth depends on your player level AND the length of streak you are on. To maximize the number of points in a game, it is recommended you use the point doubler power-up and make the longest streaks you can.

How many rounds are in a level?

Levels can have anywhere from 1 to 3 rounds. The number of rounds can be seen based on the number of target icons in the top left.

When a round is cleared, a bullet hole will appear on the target.

What happens when I win?

Lots of good stuff! When you win, you score from the game is added to the daily tournament score, you will open your saddle back and you will progress to the next level in the daily tournament.

If you have stampede mode, you will also get a lump-sum payout.

What happens if I lose?

Not all is lost, you will still get your saddle back, if you found it and any stampede rewards. But you will only get half you score added to your daily tournament score and you will need to repeat the current level until you win.

What is the saddle bag?

Each game a saddle bag is hidden on a random card. If you’re able to clear that card, you win the saddle bag. At the end of the game you can open the saddle bag for a free pocket card, or coins if your pocket is full.

The saddle bag can be opened even if you do not clear the level.

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What is a streak?

A streak is the number of cards you cleared from the play area without drawing from the draw pile. Wild Cards and Pocket Cards will continue a streak AND extend it by 1. For example, if you play 3 cards, then a Pocket Card, then 3 more cards, you will have a streak of 7. If you then draw a card from the draw pile, the streak will end at 7.

What is the streak requirement?

Some levels have a streak requirement. This means that you must create of streak of this length to pass the level. If you clear all cards but did not make a streak of this amount, you will still lose the game.

What are the prizes for a streak?

If you get a sufficiently long enough streak (by filling up the bar in the top right) you will get to pick a bonus power up. You can choose from a puzzle piece, a club card or a wild card added to the top of the face-up pile.

You do not need to pick your prize right away, you can wait until the most suitable time. Prizes stack, so if you complete two streaks without selecting a prize, you can then choose two prizes in a row.

You can do this up to three times per game but can only choose each prize type once per game.

What is a stampede mode streak?

If you can create a very long streak, by double filling the streak bar, you will trigger Stampede Mode. Stampede Mode will add bonus payouts and prizes to almost every card in the play area including cards in future rounds AND give you a special lump sum payout for you are able to clear all rounds.

To maximize the stampede payout, it is recommended to get it as early in the game as possible. You can only trigger one stampede per game.

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Power Ups


What are Wild Cards?

When you play a wild card, it is put at the top of your face-up pile.  You can then clear ANY card in the play area you wish.

This can be helpful to clearing a difficult card or keeping a streak going.  You can have wild cards in your inventory or buy them for gems on the spot.


What is The Pocket?

Your Pocket can contain up to one copy of each of the following cards: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9.  You can only have one copy of each card in your pocket.  A Pocket Card can be played at ANYTIME and will replace the card on your face-up pile with that value. This can be useful to play a difficult card or extend a streak.

You cannot buy Pocket Cards during a game, you must buy them before the game starts with coins.

Generic Pocket Cards are Pocket Cards that do not have a specific value, they cannot be played directly, instead they are automatically converted to missing Pocket Cards at random at the start of a game.


How does the Undo Move Power-up work?

If you make an error, you can use the Undo Move Power-up to revert the move.  This will restore a streak that may have been broken.

If you have an Undo in your inventory, it will be consumed first.  After that, each game you can buy the first one for coins and subsequent undo operations for gems.


How does the Power-Up Bar work?

The Power-Up Bar (wrapping around the power up button) charges every time you play a card from your play area. When the Power-Up Bar is full it will randomly select an available power up from your inventory for you to use.

The following power-ups can be found from the Power-Up Bar


How does the Point Doubler Power-up work?

The Point-Doubler Power is used to double all the tournament points you receive in a level. This bonus is applied after the level is finished.  

After using a Point-Doubler Power, the reward is hidden on a card in the play area. Once that card is played the bonus is applied, so if you can’t beat the level make sure you at least play the Point Doubler card before finishing!

How does the Reveal All Power-up work?


The Reveal All Power-up flips over all face-down cards in the play area.  This only applies to cards in the play area at the time of play and does not affect cards in future rounds. The Reveal All powerup also gives you an extra 5000 tournament points when used.

This can be used to strategically plan the order of card played to maximize the length of your streak (and earn more points and bonuses).

How does the Gunshot Power-up work?


The Gunshot Power-up allows you to knock one of any playable card off the play area. 

This can be used to uncover cards that fit into your streak easier or clear a card to complete the level.

How does the Double Shot Power-up work?


The Double Shot Power-up works like the Gunshot Power-up but allows you to knock of two cards from the play area!

How does the Club Card Reward Power-up work?


The Club Card Reward Power-up randomly places a Club Card on one of the cards in the play area. When you play that card you receive a club card to put towards your weekly collection.

How does the Puzzle Piece Reward Power-up work?


The Puzzle Piece Reward Power-up randomly places a Puzzle Piece on one of the cards in the play area. When you play that card puzzle piece that will be added to your current puzzle.

How does the Deck Card Power-up work?


The Deck Card Power-up instantly adds one card to your face down pile.

This can be used to help you successfully complete a level or give you a point bonus when you beat a level.

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What is the sleeping horse?

Some cards have a sleeping horse on them. This card must be cleared twice, the first time it will scare away the horse, the next time it will clear normally.

What are the rocks, dynamite and detonators?

Some levels will have cards with rocks and sticks of dynamite on them. These levels will also have cards with detonators on them. The cards with rocks cannot be cleared until all cards with detonators are cleared.

Once all detonator cards are cleared, all dynamite will explode, and all rocks will by removed.

What are the hot-air balloons?

Some cards will have hot air balloons on them. There are two kinds of hot air balloons, up balloons and down balloons. Cards with up balloons will increase by 1 each time a card cleared, or a card is played from the draw pile. Card with down balloons will behave in the same way buy decrement by 1.

Wild cards and pocket cards will not cause these cards to change in value.

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Daily Tournaments

What are the daily tournaments?

Each day, all players complete against each other to see who can earn the most points in the daily tournament. Points are earned from playing solitaire, with more points be awarded for long streaks and clearing levels.

Based on the number of points you have, compared to other players, you are placed in a tier. If many players get ahead of you, it is possible for your tier to drop.

When the tournament ends, you tier is locked in, winners are declared and prizes (based on your tier) are awarded.

What are the tournament tiers?

The daily tournament is broken down in to tiers. Tiers are based on your rank-percent. For example, “Tin Tier” requires you be in the top 80% of players for the day.

As you earn more points, your tier will increase, the game will let you know how many points you need for the next tier. Remember, as other players earn points, your rank will drop, and so can your tier.

At the end of the tournament, your prize is determined by the tier you finished in.

What do I get for participating in a tournament?

Each day, when the tournament ends, prizes are awarded. Your prize will pop-up the next time your return. The prize will be based on the tier your finished in.

How come my tier went down, or the amount of points needed went up?

Your tier, and the points needed to be in that tier is relative to the score other players have. For example, if a tier requires you to finish in the top 80% of all players, it is possible as more players join the tournament, and get more points than you, you can fall out of a tier, or the number of points needed to enter a tier can go up.

How do I collect my tournament reward?

When the tournament ends, rewards are automatically sent to all players. If you already have the game open at this time, you can open the messages screen from the lobby and collect it from a message. If you do not have the game open, your rewards will automatically pop-up the next time you start a session.

You will also be sent a notification when your rewards are reward, if you have notifications enabled.

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What is a club?

A club is a group of up to 50 players who can socialize and work together to complete the weekly collections. Clubs can also complete on a weekly basis to see who can complete the most collections in the week the fastest.

How do I join a club?

Tap the club icon on the top right of the lobby, you will see a screen where you can either join an existing club or create a new one.

How do I join a private club?

A club can change their status to private to prevent public users from joining. To join a private club, a specific invitation code will need to be provided to a user by the club leader. From there, the user can enter the code into the club search bar, and will be able to join the club.

What are the card stacks in the club screen?

Each player has four stacks, once of each suit. Each stack starts at an ace and must reach a king on all four stacks. Once all four stacks are completed, the player can trade them in for a collection item from the current week’s collection.

You can add cards to the stacks by drawing club cards, or when other members of your club draw club cards.

What is a club card and how do I get them?

A club card can be drawn from the club screen. When you draw a club card, it can be any one of the 52 cards in a card deck.

If the card you draw matches the suit and is one above any of your stacks, it will be added to that stack. Furthermore, if any one else in your club draws a card that is a match, it will also be added to your stack next time you return.

What is the collection in the club screen?

Each time you complete all four stacks in the club screen, you can trade them in for a random collection item from the weekly club collection. You can trade and collect all 5 items to club cash and earn points for your club in the week.

How does the weekly club tournament work?

Each time a club member turns in the weekly club collection, the club gets points in the weekly club tournament. The number of points is determined by how long it took to complete the collection and how many times the current player has completed the collection.

For a club to get the most points, it makes sense for all members to complete the collection once between other members complete it a second time.

The club that earns the most points in the week wins that week’s tournament.

What does it mean to be the weekly draw leader?

The player who has drawn the most club cards in the current week is consider the draw leader and is recognized for helping the club by appearing on the club screen as the club draw leader.

What is club cash?

Club cash is earned by participating in club actives, such as drawing club cards and completing the weekly collection. It can be spent in the shop for various items.

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What are Puzzles? 

Puzzles are collectible art pieces that you can unlock by collecting and trading puzzle pieces.

How do I get a Puzzle Pieces?

You can collect puzzle pieces by getting a Streak Reward and by using Puzzle Reward Power-ups in game. Trade your spare pieces with other players to quickly complete a puzzle.

Why should I complete a puzzle?

Completing a puzzle lets you view the art in your puzzle book. Turning in a completed puzzle also gives you an in game reward! Completing a group of puzzles gives you another reward.

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More Features

What are coins?

Coins are a general currency. They can be used to purchase Pocket Cards, Undo Moves, Card Backs and more. They can be earned from playing and bought with gems.

What are gems?

Gems are premium currency. They can be used to buy wild cards, additional cards and more. They can be earned from stampede bonuses, other bonuses and through in-app purchases.

Where can I find bonus codes?

Bonus codes are sent out via notifications regularly, make sure notifications are enabled to receive them. They are also posted on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us there.

What are Card Backs and how do I get them?

Card Backs allow you to customize the look of your game. You can unlock different Card Backs by accomplishing different in game challenges. Purchasing and selecting an unlocked Card Back changes the look of your cards in game, and is shown off in your avatar to other players.

What is my player level and how do I increase it?

As your player level increases you get more tournament points per card played in game.

You can increase your level by collecting Player XP. You can get up to 5 Player XP for participating in the daily tournament (amount given is based on your tier) and you get 1 Player XP every time you beat 10 levels.

How does Facebook gifting work?

Facebook gifting allows you to to give and receive in-game items with your friends free of charge! You can send each of your friends one facebook gift per day. A facebook gift contains a random collection of in-game items, including power-ups, gold or gems.

Accepting a gift from a friend automatically sends them one back.

Someone send me a message that offends me, what do I do?

If you are offended by a message you can block the user from sending you further messages, report the user to us for review, or both.

What are Live Events?

Solitaire Buddies offers a multitude of live events that players can participate in for additional rewards! It is the player’s responsibility to claim their collection items during these events and once the time frame is over, rewards will no longer be distributed. Keep your eyes out for up and coming live events on our Facebook page!

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