Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spin Inc.?

Spin Inc. is an exciting new game that deals with building a massive tower, collecting items and stealing from other people.

How do I Play?

In Spin Inc. it is so easy to play, all you need to do is spin the wheel, collect your great rewards and then use them to build your tower taller.

What are Spins, and how do I get them?

Spins are used for spinning the wheel, then are generated over time, while you are playing or asleep. When you start the game you can store up to 25 spins, but once you join an alliance you can hold an additional 25 spins for a total of 50 spins. You can also get spins from completing missions and through our in game store.

What is cash used for?

Cash is used to build your building taller by upgrading floors and building new floors.

What are collection items used for?

Collection items are used to earn rewards for both you and your alliance, when you compete an entire set you can turn it in for a prize. There are currently 10 sets of collectibles in the game.

How High can I build my Tower?

We do not set a hard limit on mow many floors you can build.

How do Heists work?

Heists allow you to steal collection items and cash from other players if you can avoid their security. You can get Heists by spinning the wheel. You will able to direct your heists at people who have recently heisted you using lawyers or pick a random target.

What are Floors?

Floors are built by you to increase the height of your tower, each different floor will generate items over time to help you build taller, you also get rewards for reaching certain milestones.

What are Alliances?

Alliances are a way for you to group up with your friends and others to work together on common goals like competing in events. You will also be able to chat with members of your alliance.

What are Events?

Events are group activities which you can work with your alliance against other alliances. You earn points by turning in collection sets, higher rarity sets are harder to come by and are worth more points. You will need to work with your alliance to compete the highest sets. At the end of each event prizes are set out to each alliance based on how well they ranked overall.