Word Buddies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Word Buddies?

Word Buddies is a fun, free-to-play word game that puts you head to head against some of the brightest minds in the world! Use powerful spells to push the match in your favour and become the next Word Wizard!

Basic Game Play

How do I play?

The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent over 5 rounds. Place tiles on the board to form words and score points. Points are calculated by the total number on each of the tiles played and can change with the use of spells and bonus tiles.

What are Bonus Tiles?

There are various bonus tiles available to both players during a match. These tiles consist of: double letter multiplier, a double word multiplier, a triple letter multiplier, and a triple word multiplier. Either player can place a letter of a word on top of any of these bonus tiles and the bonus is automatically added to their word score.

How much time is there per turn?

Each player has a total of 75 seconds per turn to play a word and press the submit button. Time is represented by the green bar around the icon displaying each player's turn.


What are Spells?

Spells are powerful magic which you can use to alter the board, provide boosts to your words or hinder your opponent.

How do I get spells?

Spells are earned through in game rewards like competing in the tournament and completing missions, you can also purchase spell packs in the shop
The first time you get a spell you will unlock it and be able to use Spell Dust to purchase more of the ones you like.

How do I earn and use spell dust?

Spell dust can be earned by discarding spells that you do not want to use. You can spend your spell dust to buy other spells.

What does Favoriting do?

Favoriting spells will make them more likely to be selected for your use during a game, you can favorite up to 8 spells at a time

How do I cast spells?

To cast spells, drag the spell cards onto the middle of the play area and release for a powerful effect! You can view your spell's effects in-game by clicking on the card, or out of game by looking through the spells tab.

How many spells can I use in a game?

You can cast up to three spells in each game you play.

Spell Rarities?

Spells come in three rarities, each better than the last, you can see a list of all the spells in the game below.


Common Spells

Word Buddies - Mulligan


Replace all the tiles in your hand with new ones.

Word Buddies - Extra Time

Extra Time

Add 30 seconds to your current turn.

Word Buddies - Five Alive

Five Alive

Set the value of any tile in your hand to five.

Word Buddies - Epiphany


Show a random playable word.

Word Buddies - Swapsies


Change any tile in your hand to any tile of your choice.

Word Buddies - Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Add three random bonus tiles to the board.

Word Buddies - Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Add a new start location to the board.

Word Buddies - Hold & Draw

Gold & Draw

Select and replace any number of tiles in your hand.

Word Buddies - Detention


Block a cell for opponents next turn.

Word Buddies - Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece

Add one more puzzle piece to the board.

Word Buddies - Club Tile


Replace two tiles from your hand with two tiles from your opponent's hand at random.

Word Buddies - Switcheroo

Extra Credit

Add three random bonus tiles to the board.

Word Buddies - Scatter


Move all bonus tiles to a random new location.


Epic Spells

Word Buddies - Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Add three random bonus tiles to the board.

Word Buddies - Stolen Time

Stolen Time

Add 30 seconds to your current turn, and reduce your opponents next turn by 30 seconds.

Word Buddies - Booksmart


Add one points to each tile in your hand.

Word Buddies - Seven Up

Seven Up

Set the value of any tile in your hand to seven.

Word Buddies - Suspension


Lock two random opponent tiles for next turn.

Word Buddies - All To 3

All To 3

Set the value of all tiles in your hand to three.

Word Buddies - Closed Book

Closed Book

Permanently block a cell.

Word Buddies - Transmorgify


Replace this spell with a random spell.

Word Buddies - Double Down

Double Down

Double the point value of all tiles in both player's hands.

Word Buddies - Lockdown

Extra Extra Credit

Add five random bonus tiles to the board.

Word Buddies - Best of Both

Best of Both

View your opponent's tiles and and choose if you want swap hands.

Word Buddies - Crunch Time

Crunch Time

All remaining turns are only 35 seconds.

Word Buddies - Bonus Combo

Bonus Combo

Add one more club tile and puzzle piece to the board.

Word Buddies - Bomb


Place a hidden trap, if a tile is played on it, points are awarded to the other player for that turn!

Word Buddies - Plagiarize


View your opponents spells and copy one in to your hand.


Legendary Spells

Word Buddies - Extra Extra Credit

Extra Extra Credit

Add five random bonus tiles to the board.

Word Buddies - Theft


Add a slot to your hand and steal a tile from your opponent, They do not get a new one until the end of their next turn.

Word Buddies - Higher Learning

Higher Learning

Add two points to each tile in your hand.

Word Buddies - Valedictorian


Show the best word you can play.

Word Buddies - Expand


Add an additional tile to your hand.

Word Buddies - Space Maker

Space Maker

Remove three tiles from the board.

Word Buddies - All To 4

All To 4

Set the value of all tiles in your hand to four.

Word Buddies - Expulsion


Lock one tile in your opponent's hand for the rest of the game.

Daily Tournaments

What are the daily tournaments?

Each day, all players complete against each other to see who can earn the most points in the daily tournament. Points are earned from playing Word Buddies matches, with more points be awarded for long streaks and winning games.

Based on the number of points you have, compared to other players, you are placed in a tier. If many players get ahead of you, it is possible for your tier to drop.

When the tournament ends, you tier is locked in, winners are declared and prizes (based on your tier) are awarded.

What are the tournament tiers?

The daily tournament is broken down in to tiers. Tiers are based on your rank-percent. For example, “Bronze Tier” requires you be in the top 80% of players for the day.

As you earn more points, your tier will increase, the game will let you know how many points you need for the next tier. Remember, as other players earn points, your rank will drop, and so can your tier.

At the end of the tournament, your prize is determined by the tier you finished in.

What do I get for participating in a tournament?

Each day, when the tournament ends, prizes are awarded. Your prize will pop-up the next time your return. The prize will be based on the tier your finished in.

How come my tier went down, or the amount of points needed went up?

Your tier, and the points needed to be in that tier is relative to the score other players have. For example, if a tier requires you to finish in the top 80% of all players, it is possible as more players join the tournament, and get more points than you, you can fall out of a tier, or the number of points needed to enter a tier can go up.

How do I collect my tournament reward?

When the tournament ends, rewards are automatically sent to all players. If you already have the game open at this time, you can open the messages screen from the lobby and collect it from a message. If you do not have the game open, your rewards will automatically pop-up the next time you start a session.

You will also be sent a notification when your rewards are reward, if you have notifications enabled.


What is a club?

A club is a group of up to 30 players who can socialize and work together to complete the weekly collections. Clubs can also complete on a weekly basis to see who can earn the most club tournament points.

How do I join a club?

Tap the club icon which is the last icon on the right on your navigation bar, you will see a screen where you can either join an existing club or create a new one.

What is a club tile and how do I get them?

A club tiles can be drawn from the club screen. When you draw a club tile, it can be any one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. You can have up to 7 club tiles at one time.

Once you have at least 4 club tiles you can spell a word on the club board. The word needs to be at least 4 letters long and be a valid word.

If you do not have the club tiles you need, try trading with your friends and club members to get great words!

How does the weekly club tournament work?

Each time a club member submits a word to the club board, the club gets points in the weekly club tournament.

The club that earns the most points in the week wins that week’s tournament.

How do the club boards work?

Each Club board starts with a starting tile in the middle and is packed with bonus tiles.

A club will finish a club board will be complete when 250 tiles have been played on the board, the club will then get a new board to work on.

What does it mean to be the weekly club point leader?

The player who has earned the most club points by playing words in the current week is featured below the club board.



What are Puzzles? ?

Puzzles are collectible art pieces that you can unlock by collecting and trading puzzle pieces.

How do I get a Puzzle Pieces?

You can collect puzzle pieces by getting playing a word on a puzzle tile in the game. Trade your spare pieces with other players to quickly complete a puzzle.

Why should I complete a puzzle?

Completing a puzzle lets you view the art in your puzzle book. Turning in a completed puzzle also gives you an in game reward! Completing a group of puzzles gives you another reward.

Currencies & Gifts

What are coins?

With coins, wizards are able to buy various items in the game. You can earn coins by playing the game, playing words on your club board, or by using gems.

What are gems?

Gems can be used to various items in the game. You can obtain gems through purchasing them or playing the game.

Where can I find bonus codes?

Bonus codes are sent out regularly via notifications, so make sure notifications are enabled to receive them. They are also posted on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us there!

How does Facebook gifting work?

Facebook gifting allows you to to give and receive in-game items with your friends free of charge! You can send each of your friends one facebook gift per day. A facebook gift contains a random collection of in-game items, including spells, coins or gems.

Accepting a gift from a friend automatically sends them one back.

Someone sent me a message that offends me, what do I do?

If you are offended by a message you can block the user from sending you further messages, report the user to us for review, or both.