At Clipwire,
we collaborate, innovate, and create 

From our office in Toronto, we’ve been bringing games to life since 2010. 

Clipwire Games has become an influential force within the mobile games industry, creating exciting, popular games for iOS, Android, and Facebook that are enjoyed by millions worldwide.


Players First Philosophy
We listen to what our fans want and understand who they are and what they enjoy. This informs our game updates, special events, and tournaments.

Data-Driven Games
Clipwire relies on state-of-the-art analytics and metric tracking to dive deeper into player behavior. This helps us craft the most rewarding player experiences in the mobile marketplace. 

Games for All
Our games are casual and non-intimidating. We want to create gaming experiences that everyone can enjoy.

Our Values

We build free-to-play games that foster player connections, solidarity, and even friendships. We examine data, take calculated risks, and encourage creative thinking to produce crave-worthy mobile games.

We are united

We build lasting relationships by working hard, being open-minded, honest, and accountable to ourselves and our players.

We level up

We deliver the games people want today and tomorrow by working hard, taking risks, and relentlessly building on our learnings.

We deliver on WOW

We deliver WOW to our customers by wowing each other every day. We bring our best selves to work, enjoy collaborating, share ideas freely, and create better and better games as a result.

We plug in

We navigate change by making data driven decisions backed by decades of combined industry know-how.

Press and Awards

We’re Hiring

When I first joined the studio, I came in as a producer. A part of the role meant learning how to design. I felt design came very naturally to me, and Ritesh [the CEO] recognized it, too. He was open to me taking on a new position and encouraged my growth.

Jaime Pearse