Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bingo Story?

Bingo Story is the best free bingo game set in a fairy tale land! Play in competitive live bingo tournaments and become a bingo legend! 

Compete in multiplayer bingo tournaments to win your favorite fairy tale characters. Win puzzle pieces through free bingo minigames and collect fun bonus prizes to fill in the missing pieces or boost your chances of getting a BINGO. Get a BINGO for a chance to collect bingo board pieces and complete puzzles of your favorite fairy tale characters.

What are Bingo Clubs?

Bingo clubs are a way for you to work with your friends and compete against other clubs for great prizes. You can play blackout bingo with your club to earn collection items which are used in the club tournaments.

How do I create or join a club?

You can join a bingo club from the main menu of the game, you will need to have played 10 bingo games before being able to join or create your new club.

How do I join a private club?

A club can change their status to private to prevent public users from joining. To join a private club, a specific invitation code will need to be provided to a user by the club leader. From there, the user can enter the code into the club search bar, and will be able to join the club.

How do I earn a club balls?

While playing a bingo game each bingo card will have one club ball hidden in it, If you daub that number you will receive one club ball at the end of the game.

How do I call a club ball?

When you enter your club's member area you can call your club ball by clicking the button below your club card. These club ball calls work towards completing your own and all your clubmates club cards. When your club card is full you can click the “CALL A BINGO” button to unlock a random collection item and reset your club card.

How do I leave a club?

Players can leave their current club by visiting the club screen, then clicking on the members button, and finally clicking on the info tab. On this window there will be a leave club button that will remove you from your respective club. Please note that you will lose any collection items and progress on your current club bingo card if you do leave your club.

What are club collection items?

These items are part of a fairy tale themed collections. Get a blackout (daub all the tiles) bingo to earn a collection item. When you have a full set you can turn in the collection for points in the club tournament. You are also able and encouraged to share duplicate items with other members of your club.

Where did my collection set go?

The collection set is available for a limited amount of time, when another set is chosen your progress will be reset.

How do I take the club throne?

During your current collection set, the club member who calls the most club balls will have their Facebook profile picture featured on the club throne.

What are Bonus mini-games in Bingo Story?

Bingo Story has 5 mini-games which can be played with a mini-game token. You can earn these tokens by playing Bingo and daubing a cell with a mini-game power up. You can win power ups and other rewards from the mini games.

What are Power ups in Bingo Story?

Power ups provide bonuses to your cards as you play bingo, you can play a new power up for each 3 cells you daub. Your power up supply is limited and when you run out will either need to get more of them. There are a total of 7 power ups dived into 3 power levels.

You can earn and buy power ups in our game in a number of ways, including the following.

  • Daily Sales
  • In Game Shop
  • Free Daily Prize Wheel
  • Mini-Games
  • Daily Facebook Bonuses
  • Referring Friends
  • Sending and Receiving Gifts from Friends

What are the types of Power ups in Bingo Story?


Single Daub Power Up

Places one free daub on each bingo card, can be used multiple times per bingo game.


Bonus Chest Power Up

Places a bonus chest on the board that when daubed will grant you a bonus chest at the end of the game for you to open, can be used once per bingo game.


Double Daub Power Up

Places two free daubs on each card, can be used multiple times per game


Double Experience Power Up

Doubles the experience earned from this game, can be used once per bingo game.


Mini-game Token Power Up

Places a mini-game token on the board and when daubed gives you one mini-game token to use, can be used once per bingo game.


Double Everything Power Up

Double experience and other rewards from this game, can be used once per bingo game.


Instant Win Power Up

Instantly wins a card when daubed, can be used once per bingo game.


Why does it say "No Inventory" when I have power ups remaining?

Some power ups can only be used once per game, and others can be used as many times you get them. You will see the messages about No Inventory when you have no power ups that can be played during this game remaining, you can see how many times a power up can be used in the above section.

How do puzzles work in Bingo Story?

Puzzles are comprised of pieces, each puzzle has 20 pieces which can be found on your bingo cards, each card has a chance to contain a puzzle piece. If you daub the puzzle piece on that card you will earn the puzzle piece. Once you complete the puzzle you will be able to claim the prize and the puzzle will go into your puzzle book.

Puzzles come in collections ranging between 2 to 4 puzzles, if you can collect all the puzzles from a collection you will be able to claim an even greater reward.

How do tournaments work?

In Bingo story when you complete a game of bingo you receive points based on how well you did. These points are then added to your total for the current tournament. As you earn more points you will move up the ladder and reach higher tiers of rewards. Rewards are sent out at the end of the tournament based on your current tier.

Tiers are calculated based on the number of players, which means if you reach a tier, you are not guaranteed to remain in that tier if you were to stop playing bingo games.

How can I send gifts to my friends?

When you request gifts from your friends, it will send them a gift as well.

What are Live Events?

Bingo Story offers a multitude of live events that players can participate in for additional rewards! It is the player's responsibility to claim their collection items during these events and once the time frame is over, rewards will no longer be distributed. Keep your eyes out for up and coming live events on our Facebook page!