Our Values


Founded in 2008, Clipwire Games has become one of the premier players within the mobile gaming industry, creating exciting, fast-growing games for IOS, Android, and Facebook that are being enjoyed by millions worldwide. Clipwire Games takes pride in building fun games with rich multimedia and immersive experiences. Best of all… our games are free-to-play!

Inclusivity is always a priority, so our games are available in over seven languages on Facebook, Kongregate, iOS and Android. At Clipwire Games, we constantly strive to build the best mobile gaming experiences for our users, never compromising quality for quantity, as is our philosophy.

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If one of our mobile games isn't good enough for our team, it is NOT good enough to release to you. That has, and always will be, our philosophy. At Clipwire Games, we believe that carefully crafting mobile games beats mass production any day of the week, and we're proud to release high quality mobile games to millions of fans across the world. 

Our commitment to creating exceptional mobile games stems from our team's mentality. We deeply value our team members and we acknowledge the importance of being united. We believe that our team are at their best when they are at their most comfortable environment and are given the freedom to be creative. Their creativity is engrained in the games we create.


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